Sunday, November 3, 2013


To the wind out on the prairie
There's a wondrous place it's born to dwell.
It's smack between the Mustang's ears
And in his flowing mane and tail.

For thousands of years or more these two
Have shared their circumstance.
Where one was found you'd find them both
In a magic poetic dance.

In the very beginning when God was contemplating
"Now let me mold a special pair
Two noble brothers fast and wild
One flesh and one of air."

The flesh one He shall rule the plains
He'll run like He has wings.
Tight muscled, wild with dignity
He'll be the prize of Kings.

His brother, He shall be called Wind
And He shall not be seen.
A Master's force of subtlety
He'll fill the inbetween.

The Natives always knew this lore
They live amongst these two.
The Indian ponies and the wind
Across the prairies flew.

They danced and played as eons rolled by
As flesh and air merged into one.
In sunshine, rain or freezing cold
Their Alchemy, through time, was done.

Then slowly white men lost their way
Dumbstruck and drunk with pride and greed.
They'd roundup all the Mustangs
And for pennies do the Devil's deed.

The Judas horse is how he's called
To trick and lead the steeds astray.
As pathetic cowboys crouch and hide
And all for sport and pauper's pay.

And all Light Children of the earth
Observe and weep the Mustang's plight.
As Brother Wind is horrified
No longer Mustangs in His sight.

The prairie's now dead silent
No hoof beats on prairie floor to hear.
So Brother Wind is left alone
As Hopi's know end times are near.

This darkness has been prophesized
By the Seers of the past.
This battle between Light and Dark
Soon will end at last.

The Wind and the Mustang will be re-united!

An Original Poem by Russell B. Hunston
April 2012

I wrote this poem because I am, like many, terribly saddened by what is taking place on our Federal lands with the violent removal of our wild horses. These noble creatures who have served and contributed so much to this country are not being given a fair shake and the bottom  line is greed and ignorance. May we be forgiven for our part in this injustice.

Russell B. Hunston